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Heating Oil Delivery


At RYDAL FUEL HEATING & COOLING, we provide flexible payment plans for Fuel Delivery, including C.O.D., Budget Plans with Price Cap, and price-locking Pre-Pay Plans. We accept payments by credit cards, check, or cash.

Choose from the following options:

Pre-Pay Program - allows you to purchase all your heating oil for the season at once. This protects unstable heating oil markets and allows you to lock your price in for the entire season. This service is available all year long with no additional fees.

Budget Program - eases the burden of having high energy bills during the winter. Start paying ahead for next season's fuel oil with our 10-month budget program, which runs from July through April. You will also receive additional price protection by getting a price cap for the entire season.

Oil Truck in Snow

Automatic Delivery - keeps you from watching over your oil tank for every season. Our Degree Day System will factor in your past annual oil usage to keep your heater running. This is also free of charge.

Will Call Delivery - allows you to decide when you want your oil delivered and how much oil you need us to provide. Our minimum delivery is 50 gallons.